Tools for Tutors

Think about your tutoring practice.

Private tutoring requires a unique skill set. You likely already have the drive, energy, and motivation to be a great tutor. My role is to help you increase your professional excellence, confidence in your abilities, and communication skills (with families and kids!). 

What previous mentees have said…

Lindsey is an efficient thinker so it's no wonder she's a successful specialized tutor with a knack for organization. As a fellow tutor, she has helped me by providing valuable information. Her diligence and thoughtfulness are unmatched! Lindsey, you're the truth! Thank you for everything!
Lisa Williams
Spark Literacy Tutor
I joined Lindsey's Facebook group for private online elementary tutors who use the Science of Reading, and soon after, joined an online meeting she conducted. Lindsey created the group to provide a support system and collaboration among people , in order that more children are given good education. I was so impressed with her selfless motivation. When Lindsey had a client she was no longer able to serve, she referred the family to me and I began tutoring both children. To ensure a smooth transition, she shared their data, plans, and goals (with the parent's permission). This was so helpful, I wanted to learn more from Lindsey. When she offered to consult with me as a mentor, I was thrilled and scheduled a series of meetings right away. It's very gratifying to work with Lindsey. She is a highly skilled tutor and business owner, kind and conscientious. Even though I have years of education and teaching experience, Lindsey is a role model to me. She has created a niche for herself in this growing field, and has advanced training in science-driven instruction. She has improved my instructional techniques, increased my resources, and inspired me to approach my job in new ways. Lindsey is always professional, and yet our meetings often feel like I'm talking with a friend who genuinely wants me to succeed. The quality of my tutoring service has been enhanced, refined, and generally improved from Lindsey's mentorship. I have a deeper understanding of how to apply the science of reading, and the resources I use have more than doubled. Also with her help, I have developed a tutoring agreement that I use with my customers, and refined my policies regarding payment management and missed sessions. She shared her successful strategies as well as her mistakes, so that my business would be more successful. Since working with Lindsey as a consultant, I have filled all my tutoring slots and I'm striving in my career. I highly recommend Lindsey to anyone who is tutoring reading, teaching small groups, thinking about tutoring, starting their business, or working for a tutoring business.
Trina Kandra
Great Strides Reading
Together. Cubes form the word Together. The broad concept of the word Together used in various areas of business and life

Ways to Work with Lindsey

Sessions are usually centered around instructional best practices, short and long-term goals, business policies, lesson plan creativity, marketing.

Solutions are jointly and objectively considered, starting with reviewing perceived problems and then designing a corrective course of action.

Sessions are affordable and pay-as-you-go. You will gain clarity and direction in decision making for your business!

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The Tuition Model

The tuition model is a way of presenting your rate as a monthly fixed cost rather than an hourly fee. It also allows you to preemptively account for missed sessions so that you don’t have to schedule make-ups or give credits/refunds.

I have connected this method to invoicing via my accounting software and almost fully automate the accounting portion of my job. I hope this video helps if you are considering this switch!

Error correction Tips for Reading Tutors

Error correction is a specific form of feedback.
When done well, it can:

–Prevent the student from feeling overwhelmed about how/what do do next
–Give the student a crystal clear task that is specific to what the tutor wants them to achieve

–Be an immediate way for the tutor to provide a single focus that they want to bring attention to