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What our Happy Student Say
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Elena Miles

Trusted by
Parents and Students

“Lindsey is an amazing teacher. She has the ability to take complex tasks and information and break it down in such a way that students are easily able to grasp it. I worked with her in first grade and saw struggling students in her class go from frustrated to being excited and eager to learn more. She is passionate about her profession and her students. ”
Lisa Harris, First Grade Teacher, Ponce de Leon Elementary
“Working with Lindsey impacted me both professionally and personally; Lindsey is creative, compassionate, diligent, and beyond well-prepared. Lindsey goes above what is needed to teach students, both academically and emotionally. She would be an asset to any child’s education.”
Kelly McGuire, Kindergarten Teacher, Clair-Mel Elementary
“Lindsey is an amazing teacher! She is accurate, patient, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She is always punctual and professional. I can’t say enough good things about Ms. Lindsey😊”
Anri Truong, Owner, With Love by Anri
“Lindsey is really great with young people. Her enthusiastic spirit is refreshing and she is very smart!”
Mary Ferrante, Owner, Caribbean Memories

Reading intervention for Dyslexia

We offer a direct, structured, and systematic approach to reading.
Our explicit reading instruction addresses the most immediate need your child is facing.
As gaps in learning are filled, your child will have the tools they need to progress from learning to read to reading to learn.
Word Recognition
Decoding, Phonological awareness, and sight recognition are important foundational skills all readers must build upon.
Language Comprehension
Background knowledge, language structures, literacy knowledge, verbal reasoning and vocabulary are always included in well-rounded literacy instruction.
Morphology is all about making meaning from the smallest units of sound. Your child will progress from reading graphemes to syllables to morphemes!

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