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Private writing instruction from a Science of Reading perspective. Our approach is heavily influenced by the thinkSRSD approach. We specialize in working with students who have dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities. 

Private Online Writing Intervention


Students receive highly personalized writing instruction that is explicitly taught using gradual release at a pace that motivates and encourages them.


Writing instruction is enhanced with online instruction! Students can type via a Google Doc or share their writing in real time using a document camera. Both are encouraged with Aligned Academics.


Students have been making incredible writing gains with our online approach since 2018.

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Hesitant to try online writing intervention?

Take a look at how this 4th grader planned for, and then wrote, a composition on the topic of Skara Brae (see my feedback on the side):

Writing emerges early- usually when children are just over a year old. They learn how to hold a writing tool, strengthen their grip, and increase fine-motor stamina. Then they begin producing strings of letters and invented spelling. After that is where we come in! We use the thinkSRSD approach- which has shown measurable gains in writing, content learning, and overall ELA at the highest level of research, without reservations.

The best writing approach leans heavily on oral practice of skills for our youngest learners. This is because young students are capable of understanding far beyond their abilities to read and write at first.

Research has also shown us that writing instruction is most effective when sentence and grammar skills are taught in tandem with compositions. We achieve this by helping kindergarten through fifth graders connect reading to writing using exemplars- or model pieces of writing.

If you’re looking for someone to help your child flourish with the  writing process independently, hire a specialist who knows thinkSRSD today! 

In many schools, writing is taught in a haphazard way that makes students feel lost- they struggle to start a writing task and carry the task through to the end. Students need to see the whole picture. We learn by watching those who have done it better than us, and that’s how we approach writing instruction. 

We use thinkSRSD which enables students to become independent very quickly. 

Middle schoolers often hate any writing assignments other than opinion or creative writing pieces because they haven’t been given a plan. We help students in sixth through eighth grade become confident writers who know exactly what do when putting their pencil to a blank piece of paper.

It’s never too late for high-quality reading intervention.

High schoolers have an increasing desire for autonomy, freedom of expression, and respect. High school

students need instruction and intervention that is aimed at helping them achieve their goals, leverage their

behavioral, emotional, and cognitive autonomy and prepare them for life beyond high school.

At this stage, reading instruction should center around understanding abstract ideas, analyzing information

in a text, and critical thinking skills.

f your child is overwhelmed at tasks involving reading or performing poorly, hire an interventionist that can

directly address your high-schoolers needs today!

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This second grader is working on conjunctions at the sentence level:

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