Lisa Harris

First Grade Teacher, Ponce de Leon Elementary

Lindsey is an amazing teacher. She has the ability to take complex tasks and information and break it down in such a way that students are easily able to grasp it. I worked with her in first grade and saw struggling students in her class go from frustrated to being excited and eager to learn more. She is passionate about her profession and her students. 

Mark and Elena

St. Petersburg Fl.

Lindsey is the best! My children are in second and fifth grade and they both get so much out of tutoring with her. Our family thinks she hung the moon, we are all so thankful to even know such an amazing person much less get to have her educate our little ones. Mary Poppins is what comes to all of our minds when we think of her, she is a dream come true!

Jaye Wheeler

Clair-Mel Elementary Kindergarten teacher

A few years ago I had the absolute pleasure of getting to work with Ms. Norton. As far as educators go, Ms. Norton is by far one of the finest, most dedicated and most knowledgeable educators I have worked with. Ms. Norton’s students are better students and better people for being in her class.

Katelyn Perrone

Leila Davis Elementary, 5th Grade Math/Science

I had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Norton during my first year teaching. Lindsey was so helpful and kind; always willing to share ideas and problem solve. She was also one of the most organized teachers at our school. She has a zeal for education and patience to ensure that her students succeed to their highest potential.

Anri Truong

Owner, With Love by Anri

Lindsey is an amazing teacher! She is accurate, patient, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She is always punctual and professional.

I can't say enough good things about Ms. Lindsey😊

Mary Ferrante

Owner, Caribbean Memories

Lindsey is really great with young people. Her enthusiastic spirit is refreshing and she is very smart!

Jeannine Kelly

Former Colleague, Ponce de Leon Elementary

I worked with Lindsey at Ponce de Leon Elementary School. We were first grade teachers. She is the most caring, organized, and professional teacher I have ever worked with. Her dedication and compassion for teaching is exemplary. I would highly recommend her for online tutoring.

Kelly McGuire

Kindergarten Teacher, Clair-Mel Elementary

Working with Lindsey impacted me both professionally and personally; Lindsey is creative, compassionate, diligent, and beyond well-prepared. Lindsey goes above what is needed to teach students, both academically and emotionally. She would be an asset to any child’s education.

Caroline M. Ganci

B.A.,Ma.Ed, Polk County public school teacher

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Ms. Lindsey Norton for the past few years as a colleague and grade level teammate. From day one, Ms. Norton demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, and compassion as a highly qualified classroom teacher. Ms. Norton not only instructed her students to the utmost capacity, she bonded with each and every one of them. Ms. Norton was always kind and willing to collaborate on anything beneficial for the students; all of my interactions were nothing but positive and I was always impressed with her ability to think outside the box in the educational system. Ms. Norton is the epitome of what a teacher and person should be and represents her profession and self very well.

Parent of a Former Student

Rick Grayes

Former Principal, Clair-Mel Elementary

Parent of a Former Student

Parent of a Former Student

Tanya & Dana Welk

I have had the pleasure of having Ms. Lindsey Norton as my daughter's enrichment teacher for almost a year now, starting in Kindergarten. I pro-actively decided to get an enrichment teacher as a reinforcement to what my daughter was doing in class, not because she was behind etc., but to build her confidence and to try and have her one step ahead. Not only does my daughter look forward to her weekly or bi-weekly sessions, her academic confidence has increased! Ms. Norton adapts her lesson plans accordingly to what my daughter is doing in school at St. Raphael's which has been a tremendous help. Her energy is calm, positive and motivating. She's patient and compassionate, yet sets just the right boundaries for my daughter to stay on task, as well as makes the learning activities engaging and fun! She also leaves homework and ideas for us to use to reinforce what she's working on even more. My husband and I have seen an such an increase in our daughter's reading, reading comprehension and desire to grab a book and read which I credit Ms.Norton for! I recommend Ms. Lindsey Norton to anyone who wants extra enrichment and for anyone who's child may be struggling. We will continue to have her as our daughter's enrichment teacher as long as we can! I can't thank Lindsey enough!