Linguistic Phonics (Speech to Print): Introduction to My Journey

Linguistic Phonics / Speech to Print: Introduction to My Journey

I, like many others, have been following the linguistic phonics / speech-to-print (S2P) movement on social media. My curiosity and drive to do whatever it takes for students has been overwhelming me, so I have decided to pick a speech to print / linguistic phonics program and implement it fully.

I am a certified teacher and am certified at the associate level through the Orton-Gillingham Academy, with practicum.  I have spent close to 5K and hundreds of hours learning the traditional Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach.

However, an open mind is what led me to OG in the first place. If significant gains are being made by students with a different approach, then I want to know about it. It doesn’t really matter that I’ve invested so much in OG- I will always have the knowledge and expertise that the experience has given me. So, if another approach needs to be learned, I’m ready!

Word of Caution about the Speech to Print Approach

I feel like I need to say  that I have received caution from some professionals I highly respect, about switching to this approach. 

I have been told by one person that some people are creating this false dichotomy that isn’t doing the science of reading movement any good. It seems to be the people who have a product to sell pushing this approach. 

I have been told by another person (when I asked them about learning how to read in 12 hours) that if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is. 

And I have been told it is all just likely a PR stunt!

So that’s why I am not switching fully. Students who I have gained through the OGA tutor referral list or have contacted me asking for OG, will only receive pure OG from me.

However, I am motivated to push forward implementing a speech to print approach.

First of all, because this is a structured literacy approach, and that falls within the realm of how I believe reading should be taught.

Second, because I received caution about investing my time with learning Orton-Gillingham. That turned out to be the single best thing I have ever done for my career and for my students! 

I am fortunate to have a client willing to let me try this approach with their child. I am going to be using the Reading Reflex book for instruction and Acadience to track the student’s progress. I am going to document it all, to hold myself accountable, and also because writing it all down will help me learn it better. 

I am genuinely interested in receiving feedback- positive or critical. Please write to me! I’m all ears.

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