In-Person Reading Intervention

Private In-Person Reading Intervention

Real Connections

Nothing can replace real life, face-to-face interactions with another human being!


All materials are supplied by the instructor, and include: an intervention notebook, lesson printouts, a folder, reading materials, visual aids, a white-board and marker, and various other learning tools.


Some students are simply more comfortable and focused working in-person than via Zoom.

In-person tutoring is offered during the school day at your child’s private school, or at a local library.

Meeting with students in-person allows for crystal clear communication and hands-on activities.

While online instruction is just as effective,
if your preference is in-person, we
understand and can accommodate that.

Early intervention is key.

Student success rate is significantly higher when starting an intervention, such as Orton-Gillingham, at an early age.
At the earliest stage, students are learning to read. Once they have been taught the code, they can begin reading to learn.
Elementary students are curious, willing to take risks, willing problem solvers and receptive to change. They need instruction and intervention that will lay the foundation for their entire academic life. If you notice your child having difficulties with resting-related tasks, and are having trouble remediating the problems yourself, hire a reading specialist today.

Middle school can be a critical time for a student’s reading development development.

Middle schoolers are starting to seek independence and want to be taken seriously. They are beginning to

to grasp abstract concepts like power and influence. They need instruction and intervention that is unique

to their world view and appropriate to their developmental characteristics.

We understand this and can provide the support they need.

If you suspect that your child’s confidence is lacking due to academic reading difficulties, turn to a specialist

you can trust.

It’s never too late for high-quality reading intervention.

High schoolers have an increasing desire for autonomy, freedom of expression, and respect. High school

students need instruction and intervention that is aimed at helping them achieve their goals, leverage their

behavioral, emotional, and cognitive autonomy and prepare them for life beyond high school.

At this stage, reading instruction should center around understanding abstract ideas, analyzing information

in a text, and critical thinking skills.

f your child is overwhelmed at tasks involving reading or performing poorly, hire an interventionist that can

directly address your high-schoolers needs today!

Project: Draw Pigeon after reading Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Activity: Use stickers to spell words

Game: Playing a game of Latin morpheme word-match

Working hard together!

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